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 Sheep Videos
Three Nice Ladies Eatting Ice Cream
You're Just Jealous!
Fayette Station
Jump Rock
Lower Keeney Rapid
Some Hardcore Surfing
The Keeney Rapids
Upper Railroad
Larry Meets the Sheep
A Soft Landing
Taking the Plunge!
One Final Lesson
Preparing to Skydive
Surfing West Virginia Style
Wood Ferry
Fluffy Bunny
Sweet's Falls
Lost Paddle
Pillow Rock

Sheep Videos

Three Nice Ladies Eatting Ice Cream Restricted Content
Warren and Amanda come upon three nice ladies eatting ice cream and minding their own business. Smile for the camera!

You're Just Jealous! Restricted Content
Warren and Amanda hit the streets of Royal Oak to take in the sights and sounds of Main Street.

Fayette Station Restricted Content
Watch Rachel ride the sheep... er, bull as we go over the last rapid of the day.

Jump Rock Restricted Content
Watch as Steve jumps off the rock 15 feet up while holding on to a sheep!

Lower Keeney Rapid Restricted Content
Watch the sheep hang on as we go over this fast-moving rapid.

Some Hardcore Surfing Restricted Content
Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place! This clip has some great West Virginia-style surfing.

The Keeney Rapids Restricted Content
Two of the more technical rapids on the New River, the Keeney Rapids show you no mercy.

Upper Railroad Restricted Content
With sheep mounted on the front of all three of our boats the group tackles the monstrous hole of Upper Railroad.

Larry Meets the Sheep Restricted Content
Our guide, Larry, is rather excited about the sheep coming along on the trip.

A Soft Landing Restricted Content
Warren and Shannon come in for a soft landing and get congratulated for a good jump.

Taking the Plunge! Restricted Content
Warren and Shannon climb out onto the wing of the plane and let go!

One Final Lesson Restricted Content
Warren and Shannon get some final advice as they board the plane to go skydiving.

Preparing to Skydive Restricted Content
Warren and Shannon make final preparations before going skydiving in Arizona. Warren also gets in a shameless plug!

Surfing West Virginia Style Restricted Content
Here's what happens when you spend too much time smiling at the camera and not enough time trying to stay in the boat.

Wood Ferry Restricted Content
The textbook example of what can go wrong when you have a sheep strapped the front of a boat and you hit the rapid in just the wrong place.

Fluffy Bunny Restricted Content
Trust us, this bunny isn't so fluffy. Steve mounts the sheep while going over this rapid.

Sweet's Falls Restricted Content
This rapid consists of a fourteen foot drop. Need we say more? The guide even mounts the sheep after. The results are quite funny.

Lost Paddle Restricted Content
The sheep takes a mouthful of water and asks for more!

Pillow Rock Restricted Content
There are no soft landings on Pillow Rock. The sheep holds up just fine though. A testament to the durability of these creations.

Insignificant Restricted Content
How misleading is this rapid's name? This thing will swallow you whole and never let go!

Did You Know...

Sheep usually give birth once a year and have 1-3 lambs.

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