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Ball Gags and Wedding Chapels: Las Vegas Part Deux
The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel
Alex and Jose do Hollywood
Even More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
West Virginia Rafting 8-02
Sarah and Daniel's Wedding
Kuntheary, Jose and Regina visit Harvard
Tate Meets Arzilla
Happy Hour
Viva Las Vegas!
Happy Hour at Cafe Asia
Arizona Adventures
Skydiving in Arizona
The Spectrum in Philadelphia
Hooters in New Jersey
St. Patty's Day 2001
Andy in New Orleans
Terp in Tibet
Brandy and Blake's Wedding--The Day After
Driving Through South Carolina
West Virginia Rafting-9/01
Wilmington College
Union College
Washington, DC
Chile and Argentina
Driving Through Ohio
West Virginia Rafting-6/01

West Virginia Rafting-9/01

Robb, hoisting his beer, and Josh relax in front of the campfire. Steve sizes up Robb's waist as the rebirth of Robb's balls begins. Steve opens the ceremonies for the rebirth of Robb's balls. With Steve reading, Shannon and Daniel share a good laugh.
Robb looks at his new balls with amazement. Josh grips Robb's balls while reading his part in the rebirth. Daniel reads his part as Robb's laughs and watches on. Andy begins to read his part in the rebirth.
Andy continues to read his part in the rebirth as Josh looks on. Andy, finishing the rebirth, circumcises Robb's new balls. Robb reads aloud a final speech at the end of the rebirth. Elizabeth and Tara, two of the lovely ladies at River's pose with Shannon outside the Outfitters Store.
Daniel holds Shannon while Matt, a river guide, discovers that she is anatomically correct. After discovering that Shannon is anatomically correct, Matt properly mounts her in the middle of the Red Dog Saloon. Shannon hangs out in the Red Dog Saloon. Scott, our river guide, decides that he won't be outdone by Matt and also mounts Shannon.

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