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Ball Gags and Wedding Chapels: Las Vegas Part Deux
The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel
Alex and Jose do Hollywood
Even More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
West Virginia Rafting 8-02
Sarah and Daniel's Wedding
Kuntheary, Jose and Regina visit Harvard
Tate Meets Arzilla
Happy Hour
Viva Las Vegas!
Happy Hour at Cafe Asia
Arizona Adventures
Skydiving in Arizona
The Spectrum in Philadelphia
Hooters in New Jersey
St. Patty's Day 2001
Andy in New Orleans
Terp in Tibet
Brandy and Blake's Wedding--The Day After
Driving Through South Carolina
West Virginia Rafting-9/01
Wilmington College
Union College
Washington, DC
Chile and Argentina
Driving Through Ohio
West Virginia Rafting-6/01

More West Virginia Rafting 8-02

Ganelle, Arzilla and Shelle all guard the bus before we board it. A river guide poses with a one of the sheep. Jose blows up Regina before we set off on our trip. Two of our boats, both with sheep strapped  to the front, move down the New River.
One of the boats in our group goes surfing in the New River. Around the boat, Rob, Kuntheary, Andy, Jose, Neary, Neil and Stacy hang on as they go through a rapid on the New River. Come a little closer and I'll get that fly off of your head with my paddle! The rafting trip gets the thumbs of from TJ and Elizabeth.
Andy throws himself off of Jump Rock with Ganelle at his side. Rob and Kuntheary enjoy the warm waters of the New River. Stacy, Rob, Kuntheary, Andy, Neil, Neary and Jose smile for the camera. One of the river guides shows the proper West Virginia method of holding a sheep.
Neary gets a helping hand as she gets back in the boat. Arzilla and Amanda kiss with the New River Bridge in the background. Jose and Steve smile for the camera with Regina's butt in between.

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