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Ball Gags and Wedding Chapels: Las Vegas Part Deux
The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel
Alex and Jose do Hollywood
Even More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
West Virginia Rafting 8-02
Sarah and Daniel's Wedding
Kuntheary, Jose and Regina visit Harvard
Tate Meets Arzilla
Happy Hour
Viva Las Vegas!
Happy Hour at Cafe Asia
Arizona Adventures
Skydiving in Arizona
The Spectrum in Philadelphia
Hooters in New Jersey
St. Patty's Day 2001
Andy in New Orleans
Terp in Tibet
Brandy and Blake's Wedding--The Day After
Driving Through South Carolina
West Virginia Rafting-9/01
Wilmington College
Union College
Washington, DC
Chile and Argentina
Driving Through Ohio
West Virginia Rafting-6/01

Kuntheary, Jose and Regina visit Harvard

Jose blow up Regina and enjoys every breath of it. Regina and Kuntheary at the Appiled Science Labs. Regina and Kuntheary looking for the Harvard Museum of Unnatural History, will have to settle for the Natural one. Jose thinks about doing something
Regina can't get enough of Jose now that he has an eagle tatoo. Regina and Kuntheary see if they can find a vacancy at Hauser Hall, a law school dorm. Having passed the bar on her second attempt, Regina decides to show Kuntheary around the prestigious Harvard Law School Library. John Story not only founded the Law School at Harvard, but made strides in pro-sheep legislation.
Regina and Kuntheary stop at a Harvard Law School map, hoping to find a class just right for them. Jose and Regina think about taking in a concert at Paine Hall. Regina and Kuntheary stop by the Dept of East Asian Languages and Studies. Regina pleas with the Harvard Divinity School to open their minds to a new type of faith.
Regina and Kuntheary stop by the Biological Labs. Regina and Kuntheary stop by the Semitic Museum. Regina and Kuntheary stop by William James Hall for some routine psychological testing. Welcome to SHEEP SIDE STORY!
Regina, I just met sheep named Regina... Sanders Theatre is back drop for our story of star-flocked lovers. Regina and Kuntheary having fun in front of the freshman dining hall. Regina and Kuntheary stop by the Science Center to check out the lastest advances in cloning.
Forgive me father for I have sinned. Yes, Regina, it's time for confession. Regina and Kuntheary stand in fromt of Memorial Church and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of WWI in their own special way Visiting Professor Regina rules her class with an iron hoof.
But what really constitutes beastiality? Regina and Kuntheary bring life to a sculpture that no one has ever been able to decipher, by Lamont Library.

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