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Ball Gags and Wedding Chapels: Las Vegas Part Deux
The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel
Alex and Jose do Hollywood
Even More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
West Virginia Rafting 8-02
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Tate Meets Arzilla
Happy Hour
Viva Las Vegas!
Happy Hour at Cafe Asia
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Skydiving in Arizona
The Spectrum in Philadelphia
Hooters in New Jersey
St. Patty's Day 2001
Andy in New Orleans
Terp in Tibet
Brandy and Blake's Wedding--The Day After
Driving Through South Carolina
West Virginia Rafting-9/01
Wilmington College
Union College
Washington, DC
Chile and Argentina
Driving Through Ohio
West Virginia Rafting-6/01

Happy Hour at Cafe Asia

As Steve blows up Miriam, he can't help but think -- 'Smells like fish.' Is that Sushi hanging out of Miriam or is she just happy to see Steve? Ah, a little help from our friends...  As Steve labors to inflate Miriam, Joe provides a little liquid refreshment. Steve displays the front of the Sheep Across the World t-shirt.
Ah poor Miriam, with so many holes in her, Steve has to blow her often. Steve and Miriam display the menu for the newly renovated Cafe Asia, perhaps DC's best Asian restaurant. Steve reacts favorably to the sudden departure of the Rose Guy after the Rose Guy realizes that there is an inflatable sheep in Steve's lap. Steve displays the back of the Sheep Across the World t-shirt.
Joe poses with Miriam in Cafe Asia. As Laurie shows quite readily, you can run from our sheep but your can't hide...  Miriam always gets her mark. Joe learns the meaning of true love as Laurie states 'I'm marrying this man?' The happy threesome pose for their Sheep Across The World engagement photo.
Lauirie and Joe react to the offscreen antics of Steve and Miriam as Steve continues to unintentionally bounce Miriam off some prude woman's head. Queen HangoverAshTrayMouth sexually assaults Miriam outside DC's finest steakhouse -- The Palm. We here at Sheep Across the World refuse to sell out to corporate America.  StarBucks.  We won't succumb to big business.  StarBucks.  We will always fight for the little guy.  StarBucks.

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