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Ball Gags and Wedding Chapels: Las Vegas Part Deux
The World Famous Chicken Ranch Brothel
Alex and Jose do Hollywood
Even More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
More West Virginia Rafting 8-02
West Virginia Rafting 8-02
Sarah and Daniel's Wedding
Kuntheary, Jose and Regina visit Harvard
Tate Meets Arzilla
Happy Hour
Viva Las Vegas!
Happy Hour at Cafe Asia
Arizona Adventures
Skydiving in Arizona
The Spectrum in Philadelphia
Hooters in New Jersey
St. Patty's Day 2001
Andy in New Orleans
Terp in Tibet
Brandy and Blake's Wedding--The Day After
Driving Through South Carolina
West Virginia Rafting-9/01
Wilmington College
Union College
Washington, DC
Chile and Argentina
Driving Through Ohio
West Virginia Rafting-6/01

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The other boat in our group--Mike, Andy, Stacy, Neary, Roger, and Neil. Andy wonders what he's doing jumping off of a rock while others look on. Andy begins to read his part in the rebirth. Andy continues to read his part in the rebirth as Josh looks on.
Andy, finishing the rebirth, circumcises Robb's new balls. Andy holds Ganelle while giving Brandy a hug the day after her wedding. Andy poses with Ganelle under a sign for Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Andy poses with Ganelle on the streets of New Orleans while innocent bystanders try to ignore the sheep.
Andy and Ganelle come upon a rather interesting store on Bourbon Street.  However, you'll have to ask Andy if he bought anything. Daniel, Jose, Alex, and Andy are all gathered for the beginning of Alex's sheepicide trial. Alex, Steve. and Andy recommend Heineken to help you get through a relative's wedding. Elizabeth, Ron and Andy lounge around as others setup camp.
Andy shows his enthusiasm about Ganelle sitting on his lap. Around the boat, Rob, Kuntheary, Andy, Jose, Neary, Neil and Stacy hang on as they go through a rapid on the New River. Andy throws himself off of Jump Rock with Ganelle at his side. Stacy, Rob, Kuntheary, Andy, Neil, Neary and Jose smile for the camera.
Neary, Andy and Kuntheary smile for the camera as Ganelle looks on. Andy laughs hysterically as Steve finishes telling a joke about his penis. Alex and Andy show just how happy they are to be at the Chicken Ranch. Steve and Andy pose with a sheep in front of the Chicken Ranch.
With Andy striking a Jesus pose, Jose and Steve pose with sheep in front of the Chicken Ranch. Jose, Andy and Steve pose on the porch of the world famous Chicken Ranch Brothel. Jose, Andy, Steve and sheep are all smiles on the porch of the Chicken Ranch. This is the nightmare that Andy Rudick wakes up from in a cold sweat.

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