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Warp Brown

Warp Brown is an X-File unto himself. He describes himself as a moderately tempered guy, walking the fine line between genius and insanity. Judging by his personality, he must weave like a drunk.

Although we have not seen Warp lately, he left us with a fine quote, "Since I met Miriam, my whole life has been brighter. No longer do I look at women longingly -- they have nothing in comparison to sheep! Since the rafting trip (my first experience with a sheep), I know the image of me and a sheep bouncing on my lap can bring smiles to many families and children." We remind Warp that people have been locked up for a lot less.

While Warp has the intent to travel the various countries of the world, he seems marooned in Southern Florida, suffering from a baaa-aaad case of withdrawal. Perhaps he has been out in the sun too long but he says that Florida sucks and ought to be sunk. If Warp succeeds in his hopes of traveling, we hope he remembers to bring both a sheep and a camera.

Seen here, Warp makes the foolish mistake of using the sheep as a pillow on a roadtrip when we had a camera ready.

Member Listings

Member Facts
Name:Warp Brown
Inducted:Apr 1997

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