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Andy Rudick

In what may be the first and only shot of someone performing orally on a Love Ewe, Andy Rudick displays some of the fine educational experience which he learned during his years at Michigan State University.

Poor Andy never really had a prayer at being normal as several of the members of Sheep Across the World have had access to him since he learned to walk. Perhaps it was destiny that he end up in such a position.

When asked what he was thinking when he went down on an inflatable sheep, he stated, "I guess I'm just a baaa-aaad aaass."

Well, although he's one sick puppy, nothing is too outrageous for Sheep Across the World! Of course, several years from now, we expect to hear Andy remarking how he "...did not have sexual relations with that sheep... Miss Jamee".

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Name:Andy Rudick
Inducted:Aug 1998

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