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Steve Katz

Steve Katz is one of the founders of Sheep Across America, now Sheep Across The World. He can only be described as a fairly typical lawyer-to-be, should ewe find yourself discussing tyrannical leaders. He has a theory that some day soon, sheep will replace women in everyday society. If you're not already a believer, we challenge you to take him to a bar, buy him a few drinks and listen to his Menstrualia argument. It may cost you a few bucks but in the end, it will leave you a better person.

He's currently haunting our nation's capital in pursuit of a seemingly never-ending law school education. When asked about his preference of sheep over women, he grunts, "easier to understand."

Seen here, Steve and the first sheep of our flock, Miriam, are curled up on the front porch of the apartment where things that shouldn't happen, already have.

Member Listings

Member Facts
Name:Steve Katz
Title:Founding Shepherd
Inducted:Jan 1997

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