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Dot Com Woman
The Trial of Robb's Balls

Dot Com Woman

By Steve Katz
June 30, 2001

Friday morning, I was dressed in a suit and tie as I went to a closing. I called Robb while I was at the metro station and we chatted as I got on and sat in a seat. At the next stop, a well-dressed woman steps aboard and takes the other seat on my bench. Robb and I were discussing the website when the issue of having to switch sites from time to time came up. My response was, "Well, that won't be a problem now that we're a dot com."

The converation continued until Robb had to leave for another call. This is where it gets interesting -- she starts up with this terribly lame opening for a conversation -- something about how bad the city looked in the area we were going through. We discussed other bad parts of town and then she says, "I didn't mean to be eavesdropping but I heard you just started a dot com."

I couldn't resist. I told her about the issues of start up fees and dependable website help and stuff like that as if we were a legitimate business concern. She went into her whole schpiel of how she ran a fundraising company for dot coms and how she could help us to raise any necessary funds. She then makes the mistake of asking what exactly it was that we did.

You should have seen the look of horror on her face as I explained in excrutiating detail the whole Sheep Across the World story from start to finish. I then sat there as if everything I said was completely normal and watched her carp like a fish until her stop came up and she fled the train... (grin)

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